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  • What Are The Components Of Injection Molding Tooling?

    Injection molding tooling consists of two parts: a movable mold and a fixed mold. The movable mold is installed on the movable template of the injection molding machine, and the fixed mold is installed on the fixed template of the injection molding machine. During injection molding, the movable mold

  • How To Avoid The Problem Of Peeling During The Plastic Injection Molding Process

    When the polymer is in plastic injection molding, when the fluid shear rate is low, the extrudate through the die or gate has a smooth surface and a uniform shape. When the shear rate or shear stress increases to a certain value, the surface of the extrudate loses its luster and the surface is rough

  • How To Control The Temperature Of The Mold During The Injection Molding Process?

    In the process of plastic injection molding, custom plastic injection molds will encounter common problems such as oil stains, drape, and whitening in the custom plastic parts produced in China. So how to control the production of these defective products? This requires our technicians to be familia

  • Common bad phenomena in plastic injection molding

    Common bad phenomena in custom plastic injection moldingThe following is the analysis and countermeasures of the causes of defects in the plastic injection molding process under the main science popularization.(1) Short shot (unsaturated mode)(1) Short shot (unsaturated mold); that is, the phenomeno

  • What are the three elements of plastic injection molding?

    What are the three elements of plastic injection molding?1. Temperature control  1. Barrel temperature: The temperature that needs to be controlled during the production injection molding process includes barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature. The temperature in the first two p

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