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Plastic Injection Molding Services
At Goodtech, our expertise lies in the precision manufacturing of top-tier plastic injection molding components and cutting-edge plastic tooling solutions. Our focus revolves around delivering tailored plastic injection molding services, catering to a diverse spectrum of plastic materials.
Our seasoned technicians, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, are equipped to tackle an extensive range of projects, ranging from the intricacies of micromolding (starting at 60 tons) to the robustness of large-scale endeavors exceeding 1,000 tons.
Throughout our journey, our adept engineers and technicians have collaborated with a myriad of clients, spanning various industries, to provide exceptional plastic injection molding services. We take pride in our commitment to delivering excellence in every project.

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer In China – GoodTech

GoodTech is a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer and plastic injection mold maker in China. GoodTech provides customers with custom plastic injection molding services, insert molding, over-molding, and true 2 color molding depends on the part structure and requirements. Mold-maters, Husky, and Yodo are the most popular Hot runner systems on our toolings. GoodTech also provides a full range of services including mold flow analysis, tooling design, prototype mold, mass production tooling, part molding, painting, printing, coating and assembly for our customers in automobile, medical and consumer industry.