The Plastic Injection Molding Process

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Plastic injection molding uses high-pressure injection of molten plastic into the inner cavity of the product and then cools it to form a finished product. Plastic injection molding has fast production speed and accurate product size, suitable for mass production.

The plastic injection molding process

The injection process generally includes: clamping, feeding, injection, cooling, open the mold.


First determine the mold of the product, install the mold of the product on the injection molding machine, and then close the mold.


Add raw materials to the barrel and heat it to a constant temperature to melt the raw materials, ensure stable operation and uniform plasticization, and finally obtain high-quality plastic parts.


The injection molding machine uses high pressure to inject the molten raw material into the cavity of the product mold to fill the cavity of the product mold.

Cool down

The molten raw material is injected into the cavity of the product mold, and after cooling, the finished product is formed.

Open the mold

Open the product mold and the product is ejected with an ejector to obtain a molded product.

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