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Working with clients our talented mechanical engineers bring the design ideas to the reality. By taking into consideration the various manufacturing processes, different material, lead time and total cost we provide the best manufacturing options to our clients.
Our mechanical engineers are experienced in plastic molding, metal stamping, die casting, painting, pad printing, silk screen printing, hard coating, plating, vacuum deposition, water graphic printing, powder coating, assembly and testing. We work with all different types of high performance plastic materials including POM, PA, PC, PPS, PBT, PEEK and PSU for the automobile and medical application. General plastics like ABS, PS, PE and PP are very frequent used as well. Glass fiber and glass bead reinforced material are popular here.
Rapid Prototyping
We make prototypes with different processes to verify our design. Obviously rapid prototypes accelerate the new product developing process while effectively reducing the risk and cost. We can get the physical samples on your engineers’ hands within 2-7 days once we have a CAD model.
We provide precisely machined parts with our 4 axis or 5 axis machines to verify your geometry and tolerance. We work on various material including steel, aluminum, copper and engineer plastic (ABS, POM, PC, PA, PET and so on).
Bead blasting, anodizing or/and plating can be applied on metal parts. Painting, printing, coating and laser marking can be accomplished on different material to meet your design requirements.
The mechanical property of CNC machined parts is similar to your production parts which usually are made by injection molding, die casting or metal stamping. That means you can do most of functional testing with machined parts.

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process, which means you accumulate material pixel by pixel or layer by layer base on your 3D model. With different technology including SLA, SLS, MJF and DLP, we provide accurate and complex prototypes in a material efficient and environment friend way.

You can almost print any geometry without the manufacturing restriction for example Undercutting for injection molding. You get whatever you can imagine!

RIM is a process molding parts with two components material in an aluminum mold. It is similar to injection molding but with much lower molding pressure and room temperature. Cooling system is not needed. It is much cheaper and shorter lead time than injection molding so that it is good fit for prototyping or low volume production. Unit cost is lower than CNC machining or 3D printing.

Our manufacturing processes of metal sheet includes laser cutting, forming and stamping. Aluminum sheet and steel sheet are the most popular material. Surface finishing includes powder coating, plating, painting and printing.

Vacuum casting is a process making plastic parts with silicon molds. A 3D model is needed to machine a master piece. Then put the master piece into the liquid silicon and then take the mater out after the silicon mold is solidified. Pouring the melt plastic into the cavity of the silicon mold which is created by last step. You get a duplication of the master when the melt plastic get cured.



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