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Custom Plastic Injection Molds Making

At Goodtech, we provide high-quality custom injection molding tooling services for a wide range of devices within the medical industry and automobile industry. Our injection mold services include custom mold and design, mold design, plastic mold manufacturing, OEM mold making, plastic product design and development assistance.

Plastic Injection Mold Company - Goodtech

Only good tooling delivers consistent high quality and cost-effective parts. As one of the leading plastic injection mold manufacturers in China, Goodtech equipped with mirror finish EDM machines, high-speed CNC machines and a precision wire cutter supporting our experienced tooling technician building good molds. We check both the copper masters and steel to ensure the dimension of every piece of tooling meet our drawings. We make about 20 sets of molds for our own use and another 40 sets for international customers every month. Goodtech helps customers to well organize their product design, tooling and manufacturing that consistently meets customer’s standards in a fast cycle, economic investment, etc. The goal of Goodtech is to deliver the best levels of customer satisfaction, lower production costs and best profits.