What Are The Characteristics Of The Four Major Engineering Injection Molding Materials?

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What are the characteristics of the four major engineering injection molding materials? Which molding conditions are suitable?

ABS has good toughness and poor fluidity. The forming speed should not be too fast or too slow. This material produces more exhaust gas. Too fast speed will easily cause gas gathering and scorching and flash. Too slow speed will cause water trapping and unstable size.

Molding temperature range 220℃-260℃

Drying temperature range 80℃-90℃

Mold temperature range 60℃-90℃

Drying time 3-4h

PC is a hard material with particularly poor fluidity. Most of the forming requires high-pressure and high-speed forming. A slower speed will cause unfavorable symptoms such as insufficient filling and flow marks. The temperature of the mold to produce this material is extremely important, and the mold temperature cannot meet the requirements. The same symptoms will also occur.

Molding temperature range 260℃-320℃

Drying temperature range 100℃-120℃

Mold temperature range 80℃-120℃

Drying time is 5-8h.

The POM material is a hard material, and its Chinese name is also called Saigang material, which has good self-lubricating properties. Its fluidity is better, but its material has a faster cooling speed, so it still needs high-speed filling during forming. Because of its own shrinkage rate, the length of the cooling time is very sensitive to the size of the product, so the setting time should be Notice.

Molding temperature range 170℃-210℃

Drying temperature range 0℃-100℃

Mold temperature range 40℃-80℃

Drying time 2-4h

PP soft rubber, commonly known as pleated soft rubber, has good flexibility and excellent flow properties. It does not require high pressure and high speed during forming. A slightly faster speed will cause product flash, so special attention should be paid to the pressure and speed during forming. .

Molding temperature range 180℃-230℃

Drying temperature; drying is not necessary. The mold temperature is moderate and the cold water is better, which is beneficial to shorten the cycle.




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