How To Improve The Service Life Of Injection Molding Tooling?

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In the age of industrial development, injection molding tooling is the most critical root among plastic injection mold manufacturers, and it is also an indispensable important process. The quality of its processing is not only related to the performance of plastic products, but also The production cost of an enterprise has a very direct relationship. Therefore, in order to further improve the use efficiency of molds and reduce the cost of plastic products, how to improve the service life of injection molds?

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1. Application of plastic raw materials

Different plastic types require different temperatures during molding, and the shrinkage rate of plastics is also different. Therefore, different working conditions have different effects on the service life of custom plastic injection molds. Therefore, on the premise of satisfying the performance and product quality, plastic raw materials with good process performance should generally be selected to process the finished product, which is conducive to the molding of the product and is more conducive to the improvement of the life of the mold.

2. Mold structure design

Cavities and cores are the main molding parts of molded plastic parts. Whether the strength and rigidity of the cavities of different structural forms and the convenience of repair and replacement of vulnerable parts are different. Therefore, from the perspective of the service life of the mold, the use of a structure that has better strength and rigidity and is easy to repair can extend the life of the mold.

3. Mould material and heat treatment

The injection molding model is generally more complicated, and the accuracy and surface roughness requirements are relatively high. The quality of the mold material will affect the quality of the mold and the quality of use.

4. Mold use and maintenance

The correct use and maintenance of injection molding tooling is also a major factor that affects the service life of the mold. The mold is adjusted according to the appropriate method, and the mold is in conformity with the parameter design requirements of the injection molding machine during production. The mold is regularly maintained and maintained in a planned manner. Measures can increase the service life of the mold to a certain extent.



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