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  • Three Types Of Plastic Molds

    Three types of plastic moldsPlastic molds are tools used with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry, and can provide complete structural configurations and precise dimensions for plastic products. According to different molding methods, plastic molds can be divided into the fol

  • What Is Injection Molding Tooling?

    What is injection molding tooling? In short, injection mold is a tool to produce plastic products, mainly used for mass production, injection mold can provide complete structure and precise size for plastic products quickly and easily.Types of custom plastic injection moldsBecause the injection mold

  • How To Master The Surface Maintenance Skills Of Injection Molding Tooling?

    In order to determine the damage of injection molding tooling and repair methods. The plastic mold tooling company should test the various properties of the mold under the normal working conditions of the injection molding machine and the mold, and measure the dimensions of the final formed custom p

  • How To Manage Color Difference During Injection Molding Process?

    How to manage color difference during injection molding process?Generally speaking, the chromatic aberration in the plastic injection molding process is a very common defect. And it appears in a large part of the injection molding process. As we all know, there are many factors affecting color diffe

  • 4 Characteristics Of Injection Molding Tooling

    Four characteristics of injection molding toolingThe plastic products we see in our lives are formed by custom plastic injection molding suppliers injecting plastic raw materials into the injection molding tooling. The process of injection molds is to inject the molten material into the cavity throu

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