What Is Plastic Injection Mold Polishing?

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Plastic injection mold polishing is the use of oilstone, sandpaper, polishing paste, wool wheel, etc. for mold workers to polish the surface of the mold cavity until injection molding tooling

The process in which the surface of the cavity can be bright as a mirror is called mold polishing.

The main purpose of polishing hair is two points: one is to make the surface of the product smooth and beautiful, and the other is to ensure that the product can be demolded smoothly, and it is not easy to cause sticking.

Polishing is a very important part of the process of making injection molding tooling. Because with the wide application of plastic products, the requirements for the appearance of plastic products are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the polishing quality of the mold cavity has been continuously improved. In particular, molds with mirror and high-gloss surfaces have higher requirements for mold surface roughness, and therefore higher requirements for polishing plastic injection molds. Polishing not only increases the appearance of the plastic product surface, but also improves the wear resistance of the mold steel surface. It also facilitates the subsequent injection processing of the product. The original plastic product is easy to demold and reduces the injection cycle of the injection molding machine.

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