What Are The Classifications Of Injection Molding Machines?

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GoodTech is a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer in China, provides customers with custom plastic injection molding services. In order to provide customers with high-quality products, of course, advanced injection molding machines are also used. So, what are the classifications of injection molding machines?


According to the form of the mold clamping component and the injection component, there are three types: horizontal, vertical and angular

1. Horizontal injection molding machine

Horizontal injection molding machines are the most common type. Its characteristic is that the axis of the overall injection stroke is in the same boat or the same as the axis of the overall clamping stroke, and is parallel to the installation road surface. Its advantages are a low center of gravity, stable work, convenient mold installation, actual operation and maintenance, large mold opening, and small indoor space ratio; but it occupies a large area, and large, medium and small machines have market applications.

 2. Vertical injection molding machine

Its characteristic is that the center lines of the clamping equipment and the injection equipment are aligned in a line and vertical to the road surface. It has the advantages of a small footprint, convenient mold assembly and disassembly, and easy installation of inserts. The raw materials dropped from the mixing barrel can be melted more evenly, and it is easy to maintain the advantages of automation technology and management methods of several machine assembly lines. The disadvantage is that the ejected handicrafts are not easy to fall off automatically, and manual service or other methods are often required to remove them. It is not easy to maintain the actual operation of fully automated technology and the injection of large and medium-sized handicrafts.

3. Angle injection molding machine

The center lines of the injection equipment and the mold equipment are aligned vertically. According to the relative position of the injection total stroke axis and the installation base surface, there are horizontal vertical column type, vertical type, and horizontal-vertical type: 1) Horizontal vertical column type, the injection total stroke line is parallel to the base surface, and the mold closing total stroke axis Vertical to the base surface; 2) Vertical type, the injection total stroke axis is vertical to the base surface, and the mold clamping total stroke axis is parallel to the base surface. The advantage of the angle injection machine is that it has the advantages of both a vertical and a vertical injection machine. It is very suitable for setting up molds for handicrafts with asymmetrical encrypted geometric figures at the side inlet



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