What Are The Advantages Of Injection Molding?

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The plastic injection molding manufacturers believes that injection molding has many advantages. The main advantage is that it can focus on expanding production and facilitate processing and manufacturing products. So what are the advantages of injection molding? GoodTech will introduce it to you.

Advantages of injection molding:

1. Compared with traditional manufacturing processes (such as mechanical processing), injection molding has a low scrap rate, which can reduce most of the original blanks or plates.

2. The production cost is low. Newly developed products generally need to make molds, and the cost of making molds is paid in advance. Although it is more expensive, there is no need to pay for the mold costs when mass production, so the unit price of the product is lower and the quantity produced The more, the lower the amortized mold cost.

3. The product quality is excellent, the surface precision of the finished product is extremely high, and the shape error of the same batch of products is small, reducing the cost of rework.

There are many advantages of injection molding, such as fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, various design types, simple shape, small size, accurate product size, convenient product update, and complex shape. GoodTech is a plastic injection molding manufacturer In China, offers custom plastic injection molding services. If you need, please contact us.



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