What Are The Main Technical Parameters Of The Placement Machine?

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The high-speed and high-precision SMT placement machine is an indispensable foundation for PCBA quality control. As the leading custom PCB assembly manufacturer in China, Goodtech uses a high-speed placement machine with a maximum accuracy of 01005, ensuring accuracy and speed. Among them, what are the main technical parameters of the placement machine in the placement process?

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The main technical parameters of the placement machine

1. Placement accuracy refers to the deviation of the component from the target placement position of the printed board standard after the component is placed. The placement accuracy mainly depends on the accuracy of the placement head moving on the XY rail and the placement The rotation accuracy of the Z-axis of the head is related to the resolution of CDD, PCB design (such as Mark is not standard), component size accuracy error, programming and other factors, and it is also related to the resolution of the placement machine, repeatability and other mechanical structures. The placement accuracy of the Fuji high-speed placement machine and multi-function machine currently used by Pate Electronics is 0.05mm.

2. Mounting speed refers to the mounting time of each component within a certain range, the rack is fixed. At present, the chip mounter we use can mount CHIP components at a speed of 0.06~0.03s.

3. Mounting area. The mounting area is determined by the transmission track of the placement machine and the movement range of the placement head. Generally, the minimum PCB size is 50mmX50mm (less than this size requires imposition), and the maximum PCB size is 510mmX360mm.

4. Mounting function, can mount various chip components, the smallest can mount 01005 packages, and can also mount Chip, Melf, QFP, PLCC, BGA, CSP, FC, Connector and heterogeneous components, and can also mount length For heterosexual components such as connectors over 150mm.

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