The Basic Components Of Plastic Molds

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plastic injection molding

Goodtech is a professional plastic injection molding manufacturer in China, before we proceed with custom plastic injection molding parts, we will determine the relevant plastic molds for the products.

The specific components of the process of making the structure of the plastic mold: Generally speaking, there are two main types of plastic molds: one is a two-plate mold, commonly known as a large nozzle mold; the other is a three-plate mold, commonly known as a thin nozzle mold. Regardless of whether it is a two-plate mold or a three-plate mold, the plastic mold generally consists of the following parts:

1. Mould frame: In the plastic mold, the mold frame has become the most basic frame part of plastic mold. The steel quality of the mold base can guarantee the service life of a set of molds. And the stability of later production.

2. The core part of the plastic mold—cavity and core The main cavity and core of the plastic mold are commonly called mold cores or inner molds, and they are the most important part of the mold. Most of the design work is spent on the design of the mold core, and the mold core is deeply machined in the part. However, some relatively simple molds do not have a core part, and the product is formed directly on the template, especially in the early plastic molds. This structure has been gradually eliminated.

 3. Plastic mold auxiliary parts such as positioning ring, gate sleeve push rod (also called ejector pin or thimble), pull rod (commonly known as grab pin), support column, ejector plate guide pillar and guide sleeve, support nail (commonly known as garbage nail, Etc. If it is a three-platen mold, it is often necessary to set up a special sequential mold opening control mechanism.

4. Auxiliary system of Wang material mold The general plastic mold has the following three systems, namely the pouring system, ejection system and cooling system. Sometimes, because the plastic materials used need to be heated at a high temperature, some molds also have a heating system.

5. When some plastic molds with core-pulling mechanism have holes or hooks on the side when plastic products are produced, the mold must also be equipped with one or more mechanisms for handling these holes and hook ejection, such as sliders, inclined push rods, Hydraulic cylinder, etc. This kind of processing mechanism is called the side parting core pulling mechanism.



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