Some Precautions For Plastic Injection Molding

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plastic injection molding process

Before looking for plastic injection molding manufacturers in China, there are some factors to consider before producing plastic parts.

Financial considerations

Upfront cost: A large initial investment is required to prepare for the production of injection molded products. It is best to understand this key point in advance.

Production quantity

Determine the number of parts produced, injection molding is the most cost-effective manufacturing method

Determine the number of parts that you want to benefit from the investment (considering the cost of design, testing, production, assembly, marketing and distribution, and the expected price point for sales).

Design considerations

Part design: Simplifying the product geometry early on and minimizing the number of parts will bring benefits.

Tool design: Consider the defects that may occur in the production process in the process of designing the mold in advance. Consider gate location and run simulation analysis using mold flow software such as Solidworks Plastics.

Production considerations

Cycle time: Reduce the cycle time as much as possible. Use mature technology tools. Small changes can make a big difference, and a few seconds from your cycle time can save you a lot of cost when you produce millions of parts.

Assembly: Design your parts to minimize assembly. The main reason for the completion of injection molding in Southeast Asia is the cost advantage of assembling simple parts in the injection molding process. If the assembly process can be optimized in the process, it will save a lot of labor costs.

If these factors are considered clearly, then start looking for suitable plastic injection molding manufacturer, and start cooperation to produce their own products.



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