Rubber Compression Molding Process

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Rubber compression molding process is to put the required rubber in the model, according to rubber compression mold design, use a flat vulcanizing machine to press the rubber under the conditions of regular time, pressure and temperature, and then form the desired product. Its products are called rubber molded products.

The main raw materials of rubber products are raw rubber, compounding agents, and fiber and metal materials as skeleton materials. The basic production process of rubber products includes six basic processes: plasticizing, kneading, calendering, pressing, molding, and vulcanization.

rubber compression molding process is mainly to solve the contradiction between plasticity and elasticity. Through processing means, the elastic rubber is turned into a plasticized rubber compound, and various compounding agents are added to make semi-finished products, and then the semi-finished products with plasticity are cured by vulcanization. It has become a rubber product with high elasticity and good physical and mechanical properties.

rubber compression molding prcess

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