Production Management Of Plastic Injection Mold Making

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GoodTech is a professional plastic mold tooling company in China, offers custom plastic injection molds services. Many customers want to know about our plastic injection mold making production management links. Now we will introduce to you.

Production management:

1. Effective management of product data management, process data management, drawing document management: effective mold product data management, process data management, drawing document management, can ensure the comprehensiveness of the document, the consistency of the drawing version; make the drawing Can achieve effective sharing and effective query utilization. A complete file management computer database can be established, and the design drawings accumulated by the design department, scattered, previously scattered and isolated information can be organized and used to prevent 2d, 3d confusion due to design drawings, original, design changes, and maintenance versions Confusion, 3D model and 2D drawing data inconsistency, 2D drawing design is not standardized and chaotic, causing problems that are not easy to be discovered and corrected in time, causing molds to be modified and reworked, or even obsolete, increasing the manufacturing cost of injection molding tooling and lengthening The mold manufacturing production cycle affects the delivery time.

2. Maintain the consistency and integrity of plastic mold drawings, processing technology, and physical data: through effective, meticulous and strict testing methods, ensure the consistency and integrity of mold drawings, processing technology, and physical data .

3. The design and manufacturing costs of each set of plastic injection molding die must be summarized in time: by effectively controlling the issuance of work subpoenas in the workshop, and effectively managing the scrap of tools; through accurate mold structure design, efficient mold parts processing and Accurate detection of spare parts will effectively reduce the additional cost of mold design changes and maintenance, so as to obtain the actual cost of each mold and effectively control the quality of the mold.

4. Overall planning: organically organize and integrate information such as planning, design, processing technology, workshop production conditions, and human resources for overall planning, so as to effectively coordinate planning and production, and effectively ensure the quality of plastic molds and deliver on time.

5. Develop a complete and practical plastic mold production management system: Develop a complete mold production management system to realize the computer information management system of product data management, process data management, plan management, and schedule management of the mold production management process , Including plastic mold production plan formulation, mold design, process formulation, workshop task assignment and product inspection, warehouse management, etc., so that mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information can be fully tracked and managed from planning to completion and delivery.

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