Product Features Of Plastic Injection Molding Medical Parts

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Medical injection molded parts is a new industry developed with modern medicine. It has attracted much attention for its high technology, high added value, high growth rate and a broad market. For more than 20 years, with the development of medical equipment, plastic injection molding medical parts have played an increasingly important role in the medical industry.

Plastic injection molding medical parts have different functional requirements and biological performance requirements due to their special uses, and most of them must be made through secondary processing. These characteristics are also different from ordinary plastic products. Through research, it is found that they have the following common characteristics:

1. Most of them are made by extrusion and injection molding into product parts and then secondary processing and assembly.

2. There are corresponding biological performance requirements; for example: anticoagulation, super slippery, antibacterial, etc.

3. It has different functional requirements: such as: central venous cannula-the head is soft and protects the inner wall of the blood vessel. Aortic cannulation-the head is hard and it is easy to insert during surgery.

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