Process Requirements For Metal Stamping Parts

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There are many application fields of metal stamping parts. Although the processing technology is very mature, there are still many process requirements for metal stamping parts. Goodtech is a Custom Metal Stamping Manufacturer, providing Custom Metal Stamping Services, and has reached long-term cooperation with more and more customers. The main reason is that our metal stamping parts require high craftsmanship and good quality. So what are the technological requirements for metal stamping parts, let me explain to you.

Process requirements for metal stamping parts

1. When designing the structural shape of the hardware stamping parts, the surface and combination of simple and reasonable structure should be adopted, and the number of processed surfaces and the smallest processing area should be minimized.

2. Choose a reasonable method of blank preparation in mechanical manufacturing, which can directly use profile, casting, forging, stamping and welding. The selection of the blank is related to the specific production technical conditions, and generally depends on the production batch, material properties and processing possibilities.

3. The requirements of metal stamping forming performance. In order to facilitate stamping deformation and the improvement of the quality of parts, the material should have good plasticity, small yield ratio, large plate thickness directivity coefficient, small plate directivity coefficient, and material yield The ratio of strength to elastic modulus is small. The separation process does not require materials with good plasticity, but materials with certain plasticity.

4. Specify appropriate manufacturing accuracy and surface roughness. The cost of metal stamping parts will increase with the improvement of accuracy, especially in the case of high accuracy, this increase is extremely significant. Therefore, high precision should not be pursued without sufficient evidence. In the same way, the surface roughness of metal stamping parts should also be appropriately specified according to the actual needs of the mating surface.



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