The top 10 plastic injection molding manufacturers in china 2022

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These days most of the plastic based components are manufactured through injection molding. Especially if you consider the market of China for this purpose, you will be amazed to see that several manufacturers have now joined the league.

There is a consistent requirement for several plastic components. In order to achieve this purpose, automobile businesses, medical businesses, and many more look for a suitable plastic injection molding manufacturer.

Here is a compiled list of the ten best plastic injection molding manufacturers in China that you may get in touch with for your plastic component manufacturing.

Top 10 plastic injection molding manufacturer

Here is the list of the best 10 manufacturers you will find for plastic injection molding in China.



GoodTech MFG group locate in Dongguan China. Its primary markets are the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but it welcomes partners from other parts of the world to collaborate.

In addition, it is an engineering-driven company with an experienced engineer and quality team. It mainly provides the best service, products, and supplier management to world-class automobile companies, medical companies, and consumer clients.  It services it provides to clients include:

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Prototyping

  • Injection Mold Design

  • Injection Mold Fabricating

  • Plastic Injection Molding

Knowing GoodTech's careers, its strength has a certain influence in China. And, it has a Long-term communication and cooperation with international customers and is known for its excellent quality manufacturing.


  • Has a strong engineering team

  • Provide customized services

  • Uses different types of high-performance plastic materials

  • Strong and experienced in process technology

  • High quality of molded products


  • Long lead time for injection molds, which takes about four to seven weeks

Business Advantage

GoodTech's excellent quality system begins with an optimal understanding of the plastic molding process and material properties. It provides guidance throughout the mold design, mold manufacturing, and mass production process. At the same time, they organize the resources of their internal organization and supply chain so that they fully understand the needs of their customers, document requirements, and exceed their expectations.

2. Ideal Mold


Ideal mold is the name in China that falls under the head of a well-known plastic injection molding manufacturer. Choosing them is accompanied by several benefits, and they work to cover numerous areas where plastic injection molding may be required.


  • Highly trained staff

  • Immediate manufacturing of required plastic components

  • Exceptional quality


  • Low volume production

Business Advantages:

Your business may get their services at a very affordable cost, and at the same time, they offer to meet your requirements in a very immediate way with no delays. Their plastic molding components are ISO certified.

3. Vowin


Vowin has been serving in China for many years and has a very well-established clientele. Numerous businesses deal with this plastic injection molding manufacturer and have enjoyed satisfactory results.


  • Supports production for a smaller batch of plastic components.

  • Serves almost all the industries.

  • Trained staff with the latest machinery


  • Language barrier if you don't speak Chinese.

Business Advantages:

Top-quality plastic components may be sourced from this manufacturer as it caters to a vast clientele serving almost all the industries like automobile, medicine, technology, and much more.

The quality of plastic used by them is also top-notch, and they know which kind of plastic is suitable for which part.

4. Hord Rapidtools


Hord Rapidtools is a leading manufacturer in China, offering plastic injection molding services for many years with a record of success. They provide plastic injection molding, 3D printing, and several other services.


  • Experience of several years

  • Trained and experienced team

  • Certified processes

  • Quick turnaround time


  • Language issues may require you to hire a translator to understand the terms of business.

  • It might not support low volume production.

Business Advantages:

This plastic injection molding manufacturer may offer you the production of required plastic components for your business that are affordable and of the best quality.

5. Yomura Technologies


This manufacturer is one of the leading plastic injection molding manufacturers in China and has been offering tremendous plastic components.


  • Caters to several industries hence possess enough experience.

  • High-end and innovative technological processes used

  • Ensures quality and reliability of products.


  • It might take longer time spans to produce your required tool.

  • Language barriers exist if you are dealing internationally.

Business Advantages

Since this manufacturer uses the latest and innovative methods and machinery, it is quite famous. This manufacturer offers high quality products for your business. It also has experience in the aviation industry, automobile industry, medical field, and many more, which counts a lot.

6. HLH Prototype


Considering the giants in China's plastic injection molding industry, the name of the HLH Prototype may never be forgotten. They deliver the finest quality of plastic components for various industries and are excellent in their job.


  • Quick turnaround time

  • High-end quality

  • Strong communication skills


  • Huge volume may take more than the stated time

  • Sometimes there is a risk in handing over your design due to copyright

Business Advantage

They offer a very low-cost production of all sorts of plastic components; hence one may save a lot on them; as a business, you may raise a chunk of your profits.

7.Rodon Group


Rodon Group is a very well-known group offering plastic injection molding in China. It deals with various international clients and is known for its excellent quality manufacturing.


  • High-quality molten plastic used

  • Experience in almost all industries

  • Timely delivery


  • International shipping may possess a risk of breakage.

  • Due to high-end material usage, the cost may be a little higher.

Business Advantage

You can rest assured while choosing them that you will deliver your clients the most premium quality products after incorporating their plastic parts.

8. Cn Moulding Factory


Cn Moulding factory is operational in Shanghai, China, offering various products using plastic injection molding. Their manufacturer includes manufacturing plastic components, assembling them, and painting them.


  • Serves various plastic injection molding processes

  • Delivers the product quickly


  • Some of the components are costly.

  • It might not offer customization for all kinds of plastic parts.

Business Advantage

Cn molding factory may be a suitable selection for your business if you are looking forward to getting huge volumes of plastic components quickly.

9. Star Rapid


Star Rapid is one of the leading names on the list of plastic injection molding manufacturers in China and has done a great job. They use the latest innovative techniques to bring about the design that you have in mind as a reality.


  • Caters to low volume production

  • Offers customized designs

  • Offers good quality


  • Turnaround time is much longer

  • Some products may be expensive in low volume

Business Advantage

If you need to have a low volume of specific plastic components, you need not worry because they will manufacture these for you.

10. Zetarmold


Zetarmold is located in Shanghai, China, and deals in almost all the associated plastic injection molding production. They do not only cover the manufacturing area but also work on secondary tasks like assembling and painting the components.


  • Various departments looking into different areas of plastic molding processes.

  • Supports customized designs

  • Deals in complex designs


  • Language barriers may exist if you are working internationally

  • Large volume orders are required for specific products.

Business Advantage

By choosing Zetarmold, you can get your complex designs through plastic injection molding suitable to fit your appliances, medical equipment, or vehicles.

Significant Aspects to Keep In Mind When Choosing A Reliable plastic injection molding Manufacturer

To choose the proper plastic molding manufacturer, several aspects must be considered; a few of them are discussed below.

Great Design Team

The role of your manufacturer's design team is very substantial; if you choose a manufacturer with an incompetent design team, you would never get the right plastic components designed for your products.

It is the design that is to be the root or base of your appliances or vehicles.

Production Volume and Capacity

Production volume and capacity are also very significant to consider. Sometimes, a low volume may be needed because you work on creating limited or customized pieces for your clients.

However, sometimes you need to cater to vast amounts of deliverables, and quick production of large volumes is required. So, a good manufacturer must cater to both aspects very well.

Full Service

Full service makes everything much easier, from manufacturing the plastic part to assembling to painting. When everything is done under one roof, your hassle of juggling between different service providers ends.

Specification Compliance

Every business has its own set of specifications according to which they work and incorporate these plastic components in their manufactured things. Hence, it is always very important to ensure that your manufacturer complies with the given specifications.

Quality Assurance

If the quality offered by your plastic injection molding manufacturer is inferior, your end product will also be considered an inferior one. Therefore it is important to ensure that the quality offered by your manufacturer is worth investing in.

The Time Factor

Lack of time is a widespread issue for every business. Hence, choosing a plastic injection molding manufacturer that supplies the parts on the stated timelines is crucial. If they deliver their product late, your production would also suffer.


It is vital to choose the proper plastic molding manufacturer among several available options. You can always have peace of mind that your end product will be good quality, safe, and perfectly working.

Every step and every single manufacturer department will impact your end product and business reputation, and profitability. Hence, no compromise shall be made in this case. You can check out Good Tech in case you are looking for a good plastic injection molding manufacturer for your components.



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