How To Manage Color Difference During Injection Molding Process?

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Generally speaking, the chromatic aberration in the plastic injection molding process is a very common defect. And it appears in a large part of the injection molding process. As we all know, there are many factors affecting color difference. No wonder it is one of the recognized technologies that are difficult to control in injection molding. As a china plastic injection molding parts manufacturer, Goodtech will explain 4 common color difference control in the production process.

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1. Eliminate the influence of injection molding machine and injection molding tooling factors. For the chromatic aberration caused by the exhaust groove, etc., it can be solved by the corresponding maintenance mold. Eliminating the influence of raw resin and color masterbatch, and controlling raw materials is the key to completely solve the color difference. Needless to say, one cannot ignore the obvious influence of different thermal stability of the raw material resin on the fluctuation of the product. More importantly, we also need to focus on testing the thermal stability of the raw resin and color masterbatch. If it is unstable, it is recommended to replace it.

2. Reduce the influence of barrel temperature on chromatic aberration. In the injection molding process, it is often encountered that a certain heating ring is damaged or failed or the heating control part is out of control and burns, which causes the temperature of the barrel to change drastically, resulting in chromatic aberration. It is necessary to check the heating part frequently, and it is found that the heating part is damaged or out of control even if it is replaced and repaired. To maintain the barrel temperature unchanged or slightly changed.

3. Reduce the impact of injection molding process adjustment. When the injection molding process parameters need to be adjusted for non-chromatic aberration reasons, do not change the injection temperature, back pressure, injection cycle and the amount of masterbatch added as much as possible, and the adjustment also needs to observe the influence of the process parameter changes on the brilliance. If color aberration is found, it should be adjusted in time . It is necessary to know as far as possible to avoid the use of high injection speed, high back pressure and other injection molding processes that cause strong shear to prevent color difference caused by local overheating or thermal decomposition.

4. Grasp the influence of the barrel temperature and the amount of masterbatch on the color change of the product. Before adjusting the color difference, it is necessary to know the trend of the product color with the temperature and the amount of color masterbatch. The real meaning is that the color change law of different color masterbatches varies with the production temperature or the amount of color masterbatch.

The entire chromatic aberration control requires certain experience. The above 4 points are very important aspects to explain. Only when the most important factors in plastic injection molding processing are in place can the color difference be managed in place. Color masterbatch and masterbatch are mixed evenly, reducing the influence of barrel temperature and injection molding process adjustment. Only in this way can the chromatic aberration be controlled clearly and the future situations can be handled well.



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