How to make injection molded parts with high precision products?

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After the plastic is melted, the fluidity is very strong, so the size of plastic injection molding parts is more difficult to control, and it is difficult to produce in accordance with the paper requirements during production. For some plastic injection molding parts that require high dimensional accuracy, how to control the processing accuracy of injection molded parts? As a professional plastic injection molding manufacturer in China, GoodTech will tell you.

There are many factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts. The first is the precision of mold production and the degree of mold wear, and the second is the shrinkage of plastic parts and the changes in process conditions during the molding process.

Due to the aging changes after plastic molding and the mold structure and shape, in order to reduce the difficulty of mold processing and mold manufacturing cost, the dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts should be as close as possible to the lower design under the premise of meeting the requirements of use.

For the dimensions that are greatly affected by the movable part of the mold, such as the height dimension of the compressed part, due to the thick horizontal overflow, the tolerance value is the sum of the tolerance value and the additional value in the table, and the additional value of the second level accuracy is 0.05 mm, the additional value of level 3~5 is 0.10 mm, and the additional value of level 6~8 is 0.20 mm.

In addition, for dimensions without tolerances, it is recommended to use the standard 8-level accuracy. Only by strictly following the tolerance value standards of injection molded parts can the dimensional accuracy and quality of injection molded parts be guaranteed.

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