Features Of Precision Medical Injection Molded Parts

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Why do many medical industry-related machine parts choose customized precision medical injection molded parts? In fact, it has something to do with the characteristics of precision medical injection molding. Now let's talk about it.

Goodtech shares with you the characteristics of precision medical injection molded parts

1. Complicated shape and surface Some products, such as car covers, aircraft parts, toys, and household appliances, have a surface that is composed of a variety of curved surfaces, and some curved surfaces must be processed by mathematical calculation methods.

2. High processing precision requirements: A mold is generally composed of a concave mold, a convex mold and a mold base, and some may also be a multi-piece split module. The combination of upper and lower molds, the combination of inserts and cavities, and the assembly of modules require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision medical injection molds often reaches the μm level.

3. There are many precision mold processing procedures: milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping are always used in mold processing.

4. Repeated production: the use of molds has a long life. When a custom plastic injection mold is used beyond its life, it must be replaced with a new mold, so mold production is often repetitive.

Goodtech is a plastic injection molding company that has been engaged in the design and manufacture of precision molds and the production of precision injection products for many years. Assembly and after-sales service are a whole set of solutions.

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