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Working with clients our talented mechanical engineers bring the design ideas to the reality. By taking into consideration the various manufacturing processes, different material, lead time and total cost we provide the best manufacturing options to our clients.
Our mechanical engineers are experienced in plastic molding, metal stamping, die casting, painting, pad printing, silk screen printing, hard coating, plating, vacuum deposition, water graphic printing, powder coating, assembly and testing. We work with all different types of high performance plastic materials including POM, PA, PC, PPS, PBT, PEEK and PSU for the automobile and medical application. General plastics like ABS, PS, PE and PP are very frequent used as well. Glass fiber and glass bead reinforced material are popular here.
Usually we CNC machine plastics parts to verify our mechanical design, 3D printing and reaction injection(RIM) are our options too. Sometime customers want a quick fitting test with their mating parts or showing the look and feeling to the user. We can get the physical samples within 2-5 days once we have a CAD model. Obviously the quick prototype accelerate the new product developing process while effectively reducing the risk and cost. 



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